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Boost the results of your Skin Treatment with our new tailored Hydrojelly™ Mask Duos. An electrolyte-infused mask and serum combination helps restore moisture levels and soothes the skin, making it the perfect companion to our treatments.

About Hydrojelly™ Masks

Hydrojelly Mask

The Hydrojelly™ Mask Duo is a new generation peel-off jelly mask boosted with electrolyte technology, pure algae, and skin-boosting actives.

The Hydrojelly™ mask duo:

  • rebalances the skin’s pH
  • restores moisture levels
  • cools and soothes the skin, making it the perfect companion to our treatments.

The Hydrojelly™ Mask Duo combines a tailored serum and mask to target your specific skin concern and deliver immediate results. 

With 5 types of masks and 4 serum options, we can offer 6 tailored treatment combinations which our experienced Therapist will tailor to your specific skin concerns, choose from Correcting, Brightening, Calming, Purifying, Anti-Ageing, or Hydration.

Packed with powerful skincare nutrients, the Hydrojelly™ Mask Duos work best following our Microdermabrasion treatments and Calm and Hydrate Peel to instantly cool and soothe skin. This treatment helps to lock in moisture for a longer-lasting glowing complexion and boosted results.


Hydrojelly™ Mask Duos


Anti-Ageing Hydrojelly™ Mask Duo

The Vampire PPLA Infusion mask increases skin's natural renewal process to visibly increase density and elasticity. Combined with the Skinstitut™ Expert Firming Peptide Serum, this treatment leaves skin looking firmer, plumper, and younger.


Brightening Hydrojelly™ Mask Duo

The Brightening Complex mask reduces unwanted pigmentation to brighten the overall complexion and illuminate skin to reveal a subtle glow. Combined with the Skinstitut™ Vitamin C Power Serum, this treatment protects the skin against UV-induced damage.


Calming Hydrojelly™ Mask Duo

The See-Through Hyaluronic Acid mask hydrates skin by improving the skin's barrier function to retain moisture. Combined with the Skinstitut™ Hyaluronic Power Serum, this treatment calms signs of sensitivity and improves skin's texture and suppleness. Perfect for treating Rosacea.


Correcting Hydrojelly™ Mask Duo

The Alpha Arbutin mask brightens dark spots, reduces the appearance of acne scars, and helps even out skin tone. Combined with the Skinstitut™ Hyaluronic Power Serum this treatment stimulates the skin's natural healing function, for brighter healthier skin.


Hydrating Hydrojelly™ Mask Duo

This treatment can be tailored for either dry or dehydrated skin. The See-Through Hyaluronic Acid mask hydrates skin by improving the skin's barrier function for superior retain moisture. The Skinstitut™ Hyaluronic Power Serum helps form a protective layer that plumps the skin to leave it feeling fresh and radiant.


Purifying Hydrojelly™ Mask Duo

The Purifying Active Charcoal mask helps to combat breakouts by dissolving the impurities that clog pores and cause blemishes and congestions. This ultra-purifying mask combined with the Skinstitut™ Hyaluronic Power Serum deeply cleans to visibly reduce pores and clarify the complexion.

Preparation and aftercare

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Firstly, the serum is applied to the skin followed by the mask. Hydrojelly™ masks are powder-based masks, activated by purified water.

Once applied, the mask then solidifies creating a unique vacuum seal allowing your skin to fully absorb all the powerful nutrients. 

Prep and aftercare.png

You must wait 48 hours after laser treatments or any other heat-based treatments.

Prep and aftercare.png

Hydrojelly™ Mask Duo treatments are gentle to the skin and will not cause any sensitivities. Maintain skin's hydration with daily moisturising, we recommend using either:

To learn more about our skincare ranges to support, soothe, and heal post-treatment skin, click HERE.


For best results the Hydrojelly™ Mask Duo works best following our Microdermabrasion treatments and AHA Enzymatic Peel.

If you have a special event coming up, we recommend treatments two weeks out, with one treatment in the first week and the second, 1-2 days before the event.

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Hydrojelly™ Mask Pricing

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